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Are you in constant pain from a nagging toothache?

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How To Get Rid Of A Toothache Naturally In Less Than 12 Hours


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Dear Toothache Sufferer,

I know what you’re going through is no joke.

The pain you’re feeling right now can turn an otherwise regular day completely upside down and bring a grown man to his knees, infact it is said that next to child birth and passing a kidney stone, a toothache is the next most unbearable pain a person can suffer.

If you’re tormented by a toothache and I’m guessing that you are, I’ll keep this short because I don’t want to stand in between you and your pain relief which you can have just minutes from now.

Did You Know Your Toothache Was A Long Time In The Making?

It’s not until we get that all too familiar electric jolt of pain to the tooth or that neverending, aching throbbing that we remember our teeth.

Did you know that most toothaches are actually the result of a series of processes that have contributed to the eventual illness of the tooth?

Disease causing bacteria that accumulate on the teeth actually excrete acids from the food you eat.  It’s these acids that eventually erode away at the protective tooth enamel which penetrates the pulp eventually affecting the nerve.  By the time you experience the pain the damage is already done.


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How Would You Like To Actually Reverse The Damage Done To Your Teeth?

Most people, especially within western cultures accept that toothloss is apart of growing old when it shouldn’t be.  Our adult teeth were designed to last a lifetime if we take care of them.

According to the FDA Consumer Magazine, the leading cause of tooth loss in American adults over the age of 35 is poor gum health (periodontal disease), incredibly it is estimated that a whopping 75% of this group have some type of gum disease and that 60% knew nothing about proper dental care with 39% not attending the dentist regularly.

This is shocking considering that taking simple precautions can ensure you keep your teeth for longer.

So What Does This Have To Do With The Pain You Have Right Now?

Everything.  If your teeth are strong the way nature intended them to be then you would never have a toothache.

Our aim is to not only address the issue of pain you’re now experiencing so that you can at least get some peace until you can get yourself to a dentist to find out what’s really going on, but we want you to re-build and strengthen your teeth.

Whoever said that you have to be toothless by your 50′s and 60′s?  The elder women of polynesia enjoy excellent tooth health without the dental technology we in developed countries have.  There are remote tribes across the globe that defy the odds and still have their teeth well into their 70′s and beyond.

You’re going to discover the secret to improving the health of your teeth so that you can make toothache a thing of the past.



Get Pain Relief From Your Toothache In 12 Hours Or Less!


Everything You Need To Relieve Yourself Of Pain Is Right Here

Proven natural remedies thousands of people the world over have used and swear by that has given almost instant relief from toothache pain and can for you too.

The best remedies that enable people to get that much needed rest they crave that toothache has robbed them of, and bought the relief they needed to manage their pain or to completely eliminate it until they could get to a dentist.


Here’s What You Get With -
How To Get Rid Of A Toothache Naturally In Less Than 12 Hours

20 of the best, most effective, proven natural toothache remedies known to give fast acting pain relief within minutes.

The ingredients you can put together yourself quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home.  You don’t have to try to drive in your pained state to grab an over the counter medicine that you may have side effects to.


Discover what to plug an open cavity of a missing filling with to give instant relief within minutes of its application, hint you probably add this to your cooking without realizing its natural healing properties.

What the different types of toothache pain reveal and how your teeth could be warning you of something more serious.


Which acuppressure point releases a quick flood of natural “feel good” painkilling endorphins to the site of pain for quick relief.


How you can actually reverse the effects of decay and tooth erosion and learn how you can grow back precious tooth enamel – yes that’s right!, teeth are meant to repair and rebuild themselves, this is something the dentists never tell you.


Discover how the type of toothbrush you use could be accelerating gum loss and aggravating your toothache pain.


Learn which ingredients contain natural antibacterial and anesthetic properties to give you fast relief, you already use most of these on a daily basis.


Find out which vitamins are essential for strengthening and remineralizing teeth, just simple changes to your diet can see your teeth grow more of their own enamel and why our current diet and lifestyles prevent this process from happening effectively.

What causes toothache pain in the first place and what to do to never have another toothache again.


Pain relief within the next 10 to 20 minutes from now.

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Not convinced yet?

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Dealing With Stress Naturally

  • If Anxiety, Tension and Stress Preventing You From Living Your Life?
  • If your tired of just “getting through” each day, hour by hour and minute by minute just to get it over with because you are so anxious, tense and stressed out?
  • If your always calling in sick because you woke up with yet another stress or anxiety related complaint such a headache, nausea or exhaustion from insomnia?
  • If  your just struggling to get through life and just barely surviving rather than thriving, having fun and achieving your aims because you feel overwhelmed by anxiety, tension and stress?
  • Or you just want to throw away those expensive addictive prescriptions and over the counter medications that doctors prescribe for anxiety, tension and stress?


Then you need to read:

Dealing With Stress Naturally

In Dealing With Stress Naturally you will be become familiar with the basics about these psychologically and physically damaging conditions including –

A discussion of the many definitions of stress and how medical professionals have typically defined it

How irritability often manifests as a front line symptom of stress

The symptoms of stress overload that can affect your ability to concentrate or focus on the task at hand

The difference between “good” and “bad” stress

The situations where it appropriate to seek out stress on purpose

Why you are more prone to terrible accidents when you are stressed

How the constant nurturing of negative emotions can lead to our stress levels

What “feeling in control” of your live has to do with helping you manage stress

How the “fight or flight” mechanism serves us in some situations and makes us chronically ill in others

The biological evolution of the defense mechanisms that cause us to overreact to too much stimuli in the first place

How chronic illness can cause terrible anxiety and tension as a sideline secondary symptom

The role that dysfunctional families and relationships can play in increasing your stress levels

Why doing the wrong type of work can be so unhealthy for you and cause your stress and anxiety levels to skyrocket

How the Holmes-Rahe Social Readjustment Scale is used for measuring the impact of stress that is attached to various events in life with Death of a Spouse scoring a top 100 score

The statistics regarding the number of stress related ailments that warrant millions of visits to the doctor every year

The severe health consequences that can be the result of not being able to handle stress very well.

How your mind and body are affected by stress

How to recognize the warning signs that your stress levels are getting too high

How to develop effective stress management strategies and techniques

When to see professional advice for your anxiety, tension or stress

A comprehensive list of all of the antidepressant drugs that are prescribed for anxiety and depression plus a discussion of all of their side effects

How being prescribed antidepressants like Prozac or Effexor can cause problems such as blurred vision, sleep disruption, weight gain, abnormal bleeding, abdominal pain, sexual problems and gastrointestinal disturbance

…and a lot more information about tension, anxiety and stress that is practical and allows you to see your condition in the same light as a medical professional.


Did you know that if you do not take care of your emotional stress that you are five times more likely to die within seven years!

Start Managing Your Stress Rather Than Let It Manage You!

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Of course each individual reacts to stress in different ways so the symptoms of stress of one individual are not concurrent with those of the next!

Some people suffer from both emotional and physical symptoms and some just manifest the stress in their body while still being outwardly cheerful. Yet others can’t stop crying or sleeping while otherwise enjoying perfect health!

It is also true that people react to stress in different ways and are also vulnerable to many different types of triggers.



In Dealing With Stress Naturally I go over the various scenarios, symptoms and triggers that are part of suffering from tension, anxiety or stress including -

  • How going to the bathroom frequently may not be symptomatic of a bladder infection but actually of being subjected to too much stress
  • How sustained stress levels can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Why a dry mouth signifies that a person is under too much stress
  • How changes in the way you feel on an emotional level can signify that you are under too much stress
  • How alterations in the way you are behaving physically can indicate that you are under too much stress
  • How your basic character might to relate to how much you might be predisposed to suffering from stress related ailments
  • The top three occupations in contemporary life that court stress related ailments … are you in these fields?
  • How being persistently angry, irritable and snappy can indicate that you are under too much stress
  • How mysterious physical aches and pains can indicate high levels of depression
  • How dizziness and lightheadness can indicate depression and not an inner ear problem!
  • How to know when fatigue and a constant feeling of being tired is part of a depression caused by stress
  • Why people who are stressed find it harder to concentrate
  • How a lack of both short term and long term memory can indicate that you are under too much stress
  • How an increase in the use of vices such as smoking and drinking can be related to experiencing too much stress
  • How stress serves to weaken your immune system and make it difficult for you to fight off infections and diseases
  • How stress increases blood pressure and therefore becomes a contributing factor to heart attacks and strokes
  • How stress can often bring on an attack of asthma
  • How stress can lead to a decrease in sexual desire and a lowered ability to perform
  • How you can learn to recognize the difference between perceived and real stress and learn to recognize false alarms that can get your adrenalin levels skyrocketing for no reason
  • …There are many more problems can be caused by stress and as is obvious, many of these conditions are killers.

Is the Cure For Stress Causing You Even More Stress?

You Have the Power to Take Care of Your Stress Levels So That They Become a Source of Personal Power and Not Fatigue!

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In Dealing With Stress Naturally I discuss all of the ways that you can learn how to manage your stress, anxiety and stress including -

  • What to tell yourself mentally to turn off the alarm bells that trigger that “fight or flight response”
  • How to breathe properly so that stress is not able to get it’s foot into our emotional door
  • The “stand back and count to ten” method of dealing with stress
  • A very special way, based on the Pavlovian method of training dogs that can teach you how to train your stress reactions so you are not hurt by them
  • How to prevent your muscles from tensing up so that the severity of your stress is reduced
  • An exercise to completely relax your entire body so you are less vulnerable to the uncomfortable consequences of experiencing too much stress
  • How to use visualizations to relieve yourself of stress
  • Ways to call up your visualization skills whenever you feel “hot under the collar” or that you might overreact due to stress
  • How to practice Raja Yoga to achieve a state of radiant calm and peace
  • How to use the basics of cognitive psychology to train yourself not to overreact in stressful situations
  • How changing your thoughts can change the feelings that cause stress
  • How feelings of low self-esteem or worthlessness can contribute to an inability to handle stress
  • How training your mind to look for solutions rather than focusing on the disaster itself can help you fight off stress
  • How to prioritize what you worry about and fight battles that are worth fighting
  • How to use positive thinking to combat tension and anxiety
  • How taking up a hobby like gardening, painting or photography can help you combat stress
  • How becoming too self-centered and too self-absorbed can elevate your levels of stress
  • How to use biofeedback, a non-medical process by which you learn what your body is doing to relieve stress
  • Why having a good sense of humor is a great weapon against stress
  • The role that St. John’s Wort can play in relieving tension and anxiety and a breakdown of the sometimes dangerous side effects that are associated with taking this herb
  • How to use Passionflower to combat anxiety and insomnia
  • The safest way to take Valerian which is a heavily sedating herb that can help stressed out insomniacs get to sleep
  • The role that calcium and magnesium can play in calming your muscles, nerves and brain chemistry so that you are not stressed out
  • A list of essential oils that can be added to your bath to increase your capacity for relaxation and serenity
  • …As well as a lot more information about how to combat tension, stress and anxiety.

As you will no doubt understand by now, dealing with stress and anxiety in a completely natural way is more about changing your lifestyle and your attitude to life than it is about any particular form of treatment but it is also the most effective long term way to make yourself permanently invulnerable to the terrible health consequences of being under too much stress!


Transcend Anxiety and Stress Now… Without Drugs!

By taking appropriate preventative steps and by using natural remedies if you can deal with any stressful stimuli entirely and holistically without having to deal with the side effects of drugs!

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Tim Nesbitt



Remember if you are not satisfied for ANY reason just ask for a refund and I will gladly send you your money back!


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