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Dear Toothache Sufferer,

I know what you’re going through is no joke.

The pain you’re feeling right now can turn an otherwise regular day completely upside down and bring a grown man to his knees, in fact it is said that next to child birth and passing a kidney stone, a toothache is the next most unbearable pain a person can suffer.

If you’re tormented by a toothache and I’m guessing that you are, I’ll keep this short because I don’t want to stand in between you and your pain relief which you can have just minutes from now.

Did You Know Your Toothache Was A Long Time In The Making?

It’s not until we get that all too familiar electric jolt of pain to the tooth or that never ending, aching throbbing that we remember our teeth.

Did you know that most toothaches are actually the result of a series of processes that have contributed to the eventual illness of the tooth?

Disease causing bacteria that accumulate on the teeth actually excrete acids from the food you eat.  It’s these acids that eventually erode away at the protective tooth enamel which penetrates the pulp eventually affecting the nerve.  By the time you experience the pain the damage is already done.


How Would You Like To Actually Reverse The Damage Done To Your Teeth?

Most people, especially within western cultures accept that tooth loss is apart of growing old when it shouldn’t be.  Our adult teeth were designed to last a lifetime if we take care of them.

According to the FDA Consumer Magazine, the leading cause of tooth loss in American adults over the age of 35 is poor gum health (periodontal disease), incredibly it is estimated that a whopping 75% of this group have some type of gum disease and that 60% knew nothing about proper dental care with 39% not attending the dentist regularly.

This is shocking considering that taking simple precautions can ensure you keep your teeth for longer.

So What Does This Have To Do With The Pain You Have Right Now?

Everything.  If your teeth are strong the way nature intended them to be then you would never have a toothache.

Our aim is to not only address the issue of pain you’re now experiencing so that you can at least get some peace until you can get yourself to a dentist to find out what’s really going on, but we want you to re-build and strengthen your teeth.

Whoever said that you have to be toothless by your 50’s and 60’s?  The elder women of polynesia enjoy excellent tooth health without the dental technology we in developed countries have.  There are remote tribes across the globe that defy the odds and still have their teeth well into their 70’s and beyond.

You’re going to discover the secret to improving the health of your teeth so that you can make toothache a thing of the past.


 Get Pain Relief From Your Toothache In 12 Hours Or Less!


 Everything You Need To Relieve Yourself Of Pain Is Right Here…


Proven natural remedies thousands of people the world over have used and swear by that has given almost instant relief from toothache pain and can for you too.

The best remedies that enable people to get that much needed rest they crave that toothache has robbed them of, and bought the relief they needed to manage their pain or to completely eliminate it until they could get to a dentist.


Here’s What You Get With…

How To Get Rid Of A Toothache Naturally In Less Than 12 Hours

20 of the best, most effective, proven natural toothache remedies known to give fast acting pain relief within minutes.

The ingredients you can put together yourself quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home.  You don’t have to try to drive in your pained state to grab an over the counter medicine that you may have side effects to.


Discover what to plug an open cavity of a missing filling with to give instant relief within minutes of its application, hint you probably add this to your cooking without realizing its natural healing properties.

What the different types of toothache pain reveal and how your teeth could be warning you of something more serious.


Which acupressure point releases a quick flood of natural “feel good” painkilling endorphins to the site of pain for quick relief.


How you can actually reverse the effects of decay and tooth erosion and learn how you can grow back precious tooth enamel – yes that’s right!, teeth are meant to repair and rebuild themselves, this is something the dentists never tell you.


Discover how the type of toothbrush you use could be accelerating gum loss and aggravating your toothache pain.


Learn which ingredients contain natural antibacterial and anesthetic properties to give you fast relief, you already use most of these on a daily basis.


Find out which vitamins are essential for strengthening and remineralizing teeth, just simple changes to your diet can see your teeth grow more of their own enamel and why our current diet and lifestyles prevent this process from happening effectively.

What causes toothache pain in the first place and what to do to never have another toothache again.


Pain relief within the next 10 to 20 minutes from now.

You can order your ebook right now no matter what time of day or night and be reading and applying its pain relieving remedies within just minutes from now.


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Will Atkinson


“I have had tooth pain for years that I had been ignoring simply because I couldn’t afford to go to the dentist because I didn’t have dental insurance. It finally got to the point where I could no longer ignore it and I came across your website. I purchased the product and did what you said and for the first time in quite a while I had actually relieved my tooth pain. I honestly can’t thank you enough. Not only that, I also used your bonus Losing Weight Natures Way to lose 19 pounds as well. So needless to say I couldn’t recommend this product enough.”
Lisa Pullen


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Natural Pain Management

NaturalPainManagement-EBook-3-1In Natural Pain Management you will find all kinds of natural solutions for putting an end to your suffering!

Such as…

  • How massage can be used as a pain relief strategy
  • The “gate control” theory and how it can be applied to your daily natural pain management strategy
  • The natural pain therapy that has been found to be the most successful when it comes to treating back pain – no it is not massage! The answer may surprise you!
  • The massage therapy that leaves 95% of people feeling better after they have had one
  • How deep muscle massage can relieve long term pain even if you find it painful and why it may be worth the short term agony to go through Rolfing or similar deep tissue manipulations
  • The natural pain therapy that has been very successful when it comes to treating the pain of kidney stones and gallstones
  • Why Thai massage is a therapy that many compare to doing an hour of Yoga
  • A complete discussion of acupuncture and how it is used to cure pain and restore energy
  • The pain therapy that has been used very successfully to treat pains associated with cancer
  • The most effective way to get your body to release neurotransmitters and neuro-hormones in order to treat chronic pain
  • The natural pain therapy that is so successful that it is actually used to treat ailments instead of anesthetic in some cultures!
  • How you can quickly and easily learn self-hypnosis as a technique for managing your pain
  • The natural bark that you can take that has the same ingredient in it as aspirin!
  • How consuming hot peppers can take the heat out of searing pain
  • The Asian tree resin that is known as a strong anti-inflammatory and treatment for asthma
  • Why eating cherries can be a strong component of a pain relief strategy!
  • How ginger can be used to help deal with the pain of osteoporosis
  • How this common bright yellow Indian spice can help deal with both chronic and acute inflammation
  • How to decide, out of the 80 massage therapies that are available – which is best for you!
  • Why you should not be afraid to find new ways to deal with your pain — because you have nothing to lose but your pain!
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Natural Ways to Stop Snoring


Snoring Sucks, But You Don’t Have To Live With It Anymore!

Natural Ways to Stop Snoring will help you quit snoring sooner than you ever thought possible.

This eBook will explain to you the many different and simple methods that you can try from the comfort of your own home. You won’t be made to tape anything to your nose or be encouraged to have expensive surgery. The natural approach can cure you of your snoring in just a matter of days.

Each and every natural cure you try is one more healthy activity that you do to your body. Your snoring could be your body’s way of telling you that something is imbalanced. When you take the natural steps to curing your snoring, you’ll also cure the underlying conditions that are making you snore in the first place. You know that drugs or even surgery aren’t 100% effective in curing snoring. One of the reasons this happens is because the pills or the surgery don’t remove the underlying cause.

You can and should take this step to live a happy and healthy life. You can start sleeping better by reducing your own stress and the stress you cause those you love. Stop snoring today…and do it the natural way with Natural Ways to Stop Snoring.

Natural Ways to Stop Snoring will help you realize how easy it really is to sleep without snoring. All you need to do is start reading it today.

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  • Learn What Your Brain Is Trying To Tell You By Making You Snore!
  • Beat Your Snoring Once And For All!


Naturally Cure Your Headaches


In Naturally Cure Your Headaches you get to “know the enemy” through my in depth, yet concise discussions of such topics as…

  • How the World Health Organization and most medical professionals classify headaches
  • What is a tension headache?
  • What defines a migraine?
  • What does the trigeminal nerve have to do with persistent headaches?
  • How your headaches can be caused by insidious little known conditions such as trigeminal autonomic cephalagias and heicrania continua
  • The exact difference between a primary and secondary headache
  • The fourteen different types of secondary heaches that are the result of infections, head injuries or the administration or withdrawal of pain medications
  • The differences between the symptoms of episodic and chronic headaches
  • What type of headache is characterized by pain that makes it feel like your head is trapped in a vice!
  • The number of days in a row that you have to experience a headache before the medical community will diagnose it as being chronic
  • The average number of days that you can expect to suffer from a migraine
  • The different types of olfactory (smells), visual and aural perceptions that can be a warning that you are about to experience a migraine headache
  • The role that malfunctions in the transport of potassium and calcium ions in the brain might play in the development of migraines
  • How excessive yawning might be a symptom of migraines
  • The role that “shadow pain” plays in predicting attacks for people who suffer from cluster headaches
  • What type of headache you likely have if you feel like you have a “red hot poker stuck in your eye”
  • The type of headache that is considered to be the most painful kind to have at all
  • The type of headache you are likely to have if you feel pain around your temples
  • The role that eye or ear problems can play in chronic headaches
  • All about a new category of headache called the NDPH (new persistent daily headache) that has been added as a pain type by the World Health Organization in 2004
  • At what point will doctors consider running an MRI scan to rule out potential problems before arriving at a diagnosis
  • And much, much more information about how the medical community is going to perceive and diagnose your headache problem and ultimately treat them!


Losing Weight Nature’s Way

coverv1Whether you are at home or at work it just takes seconds for you to implement this program…

You can perform this technique whenever or wherever you happen to be whether you are work, at the mall or socializing with friends.

In Losing Weight Nature’s Way, you will learn…

  • How to prevent yourself from becoming just another burden and statistic overloading America’s already stressed health system, by taking just a few steps towards improving your general health
  • How to know if you are truly obese
  • How weight loss works physically inside your body so you understand the processes it must go through for you to accomplish your goal
  • How much energy you really need to get through your day, and what amount of food that represents for you to stay healthy yet slim
  • The difference between gaining weight and gaining muscle
  • The relationship between weight gain and hibernation leading to social isolation
  • The relationship between weight gain and refined foods
  • The benefits of regular exercise combined with sensible eating to lose pounds
  • Which kinds of exercise are best for losing weight
  • How to exercise using no equipment at all and still lose weight
  • How keeping a fat loss journal can help you lose weight
  • How to figure out the net calories that you burn very day
  • How to find daily opportunities to exercise in your regular routines
  • The importance that water plays in weight loss, and how much water you need to drink a day to actually get the weight off of you
  • The importance of eating vegetables to accomplish your natural weight loss goals
  • The importance of eating more fruit to lose weight
  • What are negative calorie foods
  • The role that Green Tea can play in weight loss
  • The role that Acai Berries can pay in weight loss
  • How to use Yerba Mate and incorporate it into your diet plan
  • How to shed pounds using apple cider vinegar
  • How to chew your food properly
  • A comprehensive list of foods that are good for you to eat and that are enjoyable And… Feel Like Your Old Self Again!

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